Wednesday, 4 April 2018

DIY Home Renovation without Making a Mess

When we think about DIY renovation, we often draw picture of happy family members doing the renovation project and then enjoying their dinner after completing the project. It all seems pretty sweet and easy. To fanaticize things further, we often look at the Pinterest images which tend to make up believe in our capability of carrying out home renovation in a way professionals do. The matter of fact is that DIY projects can turn out to be pretty messier than you may think. You might have to deal with excessive amount of dust and debris which is generated due to hammering of the walls or detached wall panels. And then, there are higher chances of any DIY renovation project to fail because, in the end, it’s not the professional team working on the project.

But wait, the DIY projects don’t have to fail. If you have included it in your resolutions to work on the renovations in order to save costs and to improve your skills, you deserve the convenience. Well, the good news is that such convenience is available if you really want to avail it. You can go for faux wall panels. Faux wall panels are polyurethane-made panels which are textured and colored to mimic the outlook of original stones and bricks.

Having that said, you may have some questions in mind about faux panels. Let’s answer those common questions.

How are these panels installed?
When it comes to installing these panels, you don’t need anything extravagant for it. You will just need screws, adhesive and caulking material for it. If you compare it with the application of authentic material as panels, you will find out that this method is many times easier than conventional methods.

Common usage
While you can use faux wall panels for any kind of wall decoration but it is ideally used for decorating accent walls. As a matter of fact, it would be pretty good to look at if you have installed these panels only on the small area in order to bring a valuable contrast. Installing these panels on entire walls can also be suitable in certain conditions but it’s not the ideal way whether you use faux panels or the ones made of authentic materials.

With a fact in mind that faux stone panels are made of polyurethane, you may tend to wonder about the durability of these panels. Well, the matter of fact is that faux wall panels are highly durable because they are flexible and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. Now, it’s the fact that these panels may lose their beauty and function after 8 – 10 years if you install them on the exterior walls, but these panels are definitely going to stay for a long time if you install them on the interior walls.

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